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Made for You

Unleash your thoughts, reflections, and dreams onto the pages of a original writing journal.

These diaries for writing inspire daily, with natural beauty and colour, and timeless dates in 12 languages. In your own voice, you may begin and end your record at any time in any year.

Embrace your creativity, document your growth, and explore the depth of your ideas within these pages. Open a portal to your inner world and write a testament to your personal identity.

Your journey is unlike any other. Give yourself the freedom to express it here.

Journal for mindset, creativity, gratitude, happiness, personal development, improvement, fitness, and health.

Superb Value

Full of features for your benefit:

  • 3 cover choices
  • 366 days of pages (Feb 29+)
  • 2x to 3x longer than others
  • open dates (any 12-months)
  • a daily color photo of nature
  • 6 x 9 inch writing space
  • an .83 inch / 2.1 cm thick book, perfect for home or bedside
  • keep a year's record in one place
  • celebrate cultural + linguistic diversity, inclusion, + equity, perfect for multinational places & companies
  • the months in 12 languages:

Chinese simplified - 多语永久性日志,
Spanish - diario perpetuo multilingüe
English - multi-lingual perpetual journal
Hindi - बहु-भाषी स्थायी जर्नल
Bengali - বহুভাষিক শাশ্বত জার্নাল
Portuguese - diário perpétuo multilíngue
French - journal perpétuel multilingue
Arabic - مجلة دائمة متعددة اللغات
Russian - многоязычный вечный журнал
Japanese - 多言語 の永続的なジャーナル
West Punjabi - زبانوں کی مسلسلجرنل
German - mehrsprachiges Dauerjournal

Easily Available

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  • US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Japan, Canada, and Australia. 

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